About Us

Let me tell you about us, I have being involve in the Automotive business since 1989 as a Porsche apprentice mechanic and work with many dealers, I also race a Alfa Romeo GTV  in my native country in El Salvador.  In the year 2004, I was able to purchase a Lancia Fulvia Fanalone 1.6HF 1970.  I started to restore the car and I fell in love with all the engineering, history, and most off all the driving experience of such a great vehicle.  During the past several years, I have restored 6 Lancias; 2C, GT, GTE, 1.2HF, 1.3 S2, and the Fanalone, Flavia 1.8.  My concept is to continue to promote the brand of Lancia, by keeping the cars running for more decades to come.  My goal now is to produce many parts here locally in U.S.A. with very high quality standers. Now we have already produce many parts at lower cost and better materials, my passion for the Fulvia’s and Flavia’s is tremendous. I personally drive all my cars every week, do maintenance work on them, and occasionally work on my friends Lancias and help tune up their cars. We also have made tactical alliances with European partners which we trade Fulvia tuning tips, and suppliers to keep the highest quality and customer service like no other place. We look forward to do business with you soon. Keep those Lancia’s rolling. SEE THIS LINKhttp://www.petrolicious.com/articles/land-of-lancia